His Majesty the Moon 39” Exclusive Doll - Katherine’s collection

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Introducing "His Majesty the Moon"

An exclusive creation for, and only sold through, Classyhalloween.com.

"His Majesty" is the most elaborate doll we have created with Katherine's Collection to date.  He presents himself with an abundance of exquisite detailing, luxurious fabrics and embellishments; from the intricate design of a crater highlighted head, around to the back of his coat, down to his elaborate boots, and last but not least his shooting star scepter. His overall design makes him so uniquely beautiful allowing him to be enjoyed and displayed throughout the year.

"His Majesty" measures an intentional 39 inches tall. Our imagination desired him to soar above other dolls to mimic the natural moon high above in the midnight sky.     Each doll is made by hand and hand painted. 

Limited to only 100 pieces