Ink & Quill Pen Display - Katherine's Collection

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Our Haunted Pen and Ink Well can be very (what's the word?)...handy for your Halloween gathering. Prop it with our Haunted Guest Book-both from designer Katherine's Collection-some elegant and eerie decor, and invite guests to sign-in-a complete list of ghouls and boys in attendance makes it so much easier to send thank you notes or create next year's invite list. Maybe you're feeling gorgeously gothic all-year-long and want it for the desk in your home office? It's practical and pretty, so indulge! Quill-style pen pulls easily from her grasp; ink well is just for show.

  • Gothic, quill-styled ink pen and decorative ink well stand
  • From the designer of Halloween favorites, Katherine's Collection
  • Working ballpoint pen embellished with large feather and decorative beading; black ink
  • Resin, gloved hand designed to hold pen; laced and jeweled embellishment
  • Inkwell for decorative purposes only; removable glass cup
  • Use standard ballpoint pen to replace existing pen, when necessary (unscrews to accommodate ink cartridge from store-bought pen)
  • Resin base; polyester fabrics on glove
  • Please note: there is no cap for pen